Hydraulic filter
The hydraulic fluid helps transmit energy from one mechanical system to another. The filters are necessary to protect the very expensive components of a hydraulic system.
These cylinders include rubber joints that ensure tightness at very high pressure levels. Polluted fluid could damage the joints thereby causing leakages. The hydraulic fluids are often subjected to extreme conditions. In addition to high temperatures, the pressure can reach 400 bars in some systems.
Cleanliness of the fluid is essential, so the filtration media varies as per the system requirements.

Water filter
The function of the cooling system is to eliminate the excess heat of the engine. The temperature inside a combustion chamber can sometimes reach 2000°C, it is thus necessary to decrease it as quickly as possible. The cooling of the engine takes place through the continuous water circulation in the pipes located around the combustion chamber.
Some HGV (heavy goods vehicles) diesel engines are equipped with a water filter inside this cooling system to remove all impurities.

Urea Filter
The function of the urea filter is to clean the aqueous solution of urea and maintain the SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) anti-pollution system of commercial vehicles in order to lower NOx (nitrogen oxide) emissions.
The Selective Catalytic Reduction systems represent the main technology of NOx reduction. The SCR mixture control unit supplies the gas flow of the catalytic converter with a reduction agent called AdBlue® (a solution of 32.5% urea in demineralised water) converting the nitrogen oxide into water and harmless nitrogen.
Sogefi a specialist in filtration, contributes to the technological development of new motorisation standards and presents its range of hydraulic filters, in water and urea, to meet its market requirements as well as its client expectations.